Monday, November 15, 2010

Sitting by the river side..

Sitting by the river side,
I saw 'our' reflection..
You were sitting by my side..

I saw you laughing, making faces at my silly jokes,
getting irritated with my stupid acts..
I saw you crying, sharing your deepest secrets with me
I saw you keeping your hand on my shoulder saying - I am there for you..
I saw us enjoying every moment of our togetherness..

But then somebody threw a stone in the river..
I could no longer see your reflection..
I turned around.. You were not there..
My eyes blinked and...tears rolled down my cheeks..
And then I realized,
all this while, I saw your reflection in my eyes..

Sitting by the riverside,
I make just one wish..
to see 'our' reflection in the river,
to have you by my side..

1 comment:

  1. your thought is amazing ... coz you are sensitive . ise sambhal ker rakhna , sensitive log hi ansu ka arth jante hain aur apni soch se river mein reflection dekh lete hain