Friday, November 12, 2010

Her Smile

When I woke up today morning
My eyes were swollen because I had cried last night..
I saw her sitting next to me with a smile..
I know even she cried because I was hurt
Yet, in the morning, she smiled to make me feel good..

She has gone through all the pains..
She made me understand things earlier, I didn't listen to her..
She scolded me, I didn't listen to her even then..
But when I got hurt and cried, I thought she would scold me for not listening to her..
But, she said - "I understand"
because she knows how I feel
and she hugged me tightly with a smile on her face..

She faces problems even today
She wants to cry at times even now
My problem in front of hers is nothing
Yet, she knows I need her support
She, with tears in her eyes, had a smile on her face..

She handles really difficult situations in her life
She doesn't let anyone know how she feels
Yet, she knows I am a rotlu
and she came and said, 'I know it's really difficult for you to get over this situation.."
And she said all this, with a smile on her face..

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