Sunday, December 18, 2011

Forever Friends :)

The day I said Hello to this world, 
the most beautiful person on this earth 
held me close to her
I learnt from her that I can never lie
Because whenever I tried, I was caught :p
She understands my silence
It's almost impossible to think of even a small little celebration without her
She is my Santa Claus, my Genie
Who fulfills all our wishes even before we realize it 
and still plays with us for our happiness is hers
Our house is 'home' because of her
She is my maa, my first friend...

The days when school was just about classes, subjects and exams for me
He made me enjoy that "khelne ka time" once I was done with my homework
Cricket with him in the small room of our home
seemed like a world cup match between India and Australia
We never stopped playing though even after our never ending fights
Never am I afraid of anything because I know he is there
He is my "Bhai" (the way I used to call you in bachpan :D), my friend..

The days when I had a lot to talk about
She was there to listen to my never ending stories
Never did she get tired of teaching me about isosceles triangles :p
But without her scolding, a jump from 56 to 90 was never possible
My happiness is all she wants
who makes me understand things umpteen no. of times like no one else does
She is my other half, the "Sister" of my heart

The days when I just needed a 'friend'
She was there to make me enjoy the field trips n the chilli cheese toast
If she had not been there
The SIMC days would not have been as beautiful as they are now
Our joys and masti are never ending like our stooopid fights
But even after those fights, we know what we are for each other
and as she says "it cannot be defined"
She is the answer to my wish, my best friend :)

Thanks toh nai but
Love you all Hamesha n forever for loving me so much.. :D