Friday, August 26, 2011


There's a girl I know... I met her long back.. It's been quite a few days I hv been thinking of sharing something about her..
I don't know how strong is the bond that we share.. But I know at least this much that we share a bond - one which no one else shares with anyone, which is without any self-interest, and it exists because its meant to be.. :)

She is silly enough to irritate you.. But you can't help but just smile on her stupid childish acts..
She is self-obsessed :P Trust me, she is!
A great friend, cool person to work with/hang out with -- Everyone simply loves her company because she always has that smile on her face..
You will call her confident, outgoing, extrovert... Bilkul "yo" type! But she is not that exactly...
Everyone knows about her... But not everyone "knows" her..

You might think that people love her because she is very special...
But she is special because people love her...

She takes care of her loved ones like anything..
And even she wishes to have a person who does the same for her..

Now that's a different thing that she fails to realize that there are lots of people n she is surrounded by the circle they form -- the circle of love, care and protection...

She acts very confidently in front of everyone
but even she checks her mails a thousand times before sending it.. :P

She will discuss about all the big issues and will often make others understand - "kitni chhoti si baat hai ye"
But these small little things make a difference to her as well...

She dreams big...people appreciate that..
But she also wants people to share her smallest of dreams too..

She might come to you as a mature person
but her eyes have that smile and she becomes a kid whenever it comes to something she craves for - chocolates, dance, anything!!!

She will always talk to you with a smile on her face, as if nothing has happened
But deep inside, there's a girl who wants to cry...

She is... not what you believe her to be..
Even I, at times feel, do I really know her well? coz' everytime I come across a different side to her..

She is... what someone really close to her called her ~ a "little darling"