Sunday, December 18, 2011

Forever Friends :)

The day I said Hello to this world, 
the most beautiful person on this earth 
held me close to her
I learnt from her that I can never lie
Because whenever I tried, I was caught :p
She understands my silence
It's almost impossible to think of even a small little celebration without her
She is my Santa Claus, my Genie
Who fulfills all our wishes even before we realize it 
and still plays with us for our happiness is hers
Our house is 'home' because of her
She is my maa, my first friend...

The days when school was just about classes, subjects and exams for me
He made me enjoy that "khelne ka time" once I was done with my homework
Cricket with him in the small room of our home
seemed like a world cup match between India and Australia
We never stopped playing though even after our never ending fights
Never am I afraid of anything because I know he is there
He is my "Bhai" (the way I used to call you in bachpan :D), my friend..

The days when I had a lot to talk about
She was there to listen to my never ending stories
Never did she get tired of teaching me about isosceles triangles :p
But without her scolding, a jump from 56 to 90 was never possible
My happiness is all she wants
who makes me understand things umpteen no. of times like no one else does
She is my other half, the "Sister" of my heart

The days when I just needed a 'friend'
She was there to make me enjoy the field trips n the chilli cheese toast
If she had not been there
The SIMC days would not have been as beautiful as they are now
Our joys and masti are never ending like our stooopid fights
But even after those fights, we know what we are for each other
and as she says "it cannot be defined"
She is the answer to my wish, my best friend :)

Thanks toh nai but
Love you all Hamesha n forever for loving me so much.. :D

Friday, August 26, 2011


There's a girl I know... I met her long back.. It's been quite a few days I hv been thinking of sharing something about her..
I don't know how strong is the bond that we share.. But I know at least this much that we share a bond - one which no one else shares with anyone, which is without any self-interest, and it exists because its meant to be.. :)

She is silly enough to irritate you.. But you can't help but just smile on her stupid childish acts..
She is self-obsessed :P Trust me, she is!
A great friend, cool person to work with/hang out with -- Everyone simply loves her company because she always has that smile on her face..
You will call her confident, outgoing, extrovert... Bilkul "yo" type! But she is not that exactly...
Everyone knows about her... But not everyone "knows" her..

You might think that people love her because she is very special...
But she is special because people love her...

She takes care of her loved ones like anything..
And even she wishes to have a person who does the same for her..

Now that's a different thing that she fails to realize that there are lots of people n she is surrounded by the circle they form -- the circle of love, care and protection...

She acts very confidently in front of everyone
but even she checks her mails a thousand times before sending it.. :P

She will discuss about all the big issues and will often make others understand - "kitni chhoti si baat hai ye"
But these small little things make a difference to her as well...

She dreams big...people appreciate that..
But she also wants people to share her smallest of dreams too..

She might come to you as a mature person
but her eyes have that smile and she becomes a kid whenever it comes to something she craves for - chocolates, dance, anything!!!

She will always talk to you with a smile on her face, as if nothing has happened
But deep inside, there's a girl who wants to cry...

She is... not what you believe her to be..
Even I, at times feel, do I really know her well? coz' everytime I come across a different side to her..

She is... what someone really close to her called her ~ a "little darling"

Sunday, July 3, 2011

You are our world...

Har koi kehta hai, "my maa is the best in the world..."
Par pata ki tum alag kyun ho maa?

Tum humlog ki smile ho..
Humlog chahe tumko kitna bhi hurt karen mamma,
par MKA maa se kabhi alag nai hai...

Tumse hi ghar "ghar" kehlaye maa..
Sablog kehta na, humlog ka ghar bolta hai..
Wo sirf tumhari wajah se hai maa...

Chahe humlog din bhar kitna kuchh karen,
shaam hote nanhi chidiya ko mamma chidiya ke paas aana hota hai..

MKA shuru hi hote hai tumse maa..

We won't say ki you are the best mom in the world,
coz' maa...
You are our world... :)


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meri potli

Kaafi jatan se sambhaal ke rakhi thi maine
apni potli

kuchh khatti meethi yaadon ki
phate purane kagazon ki
kuchh dairy milk ke wrappers ki
aur bilkul hi faltu si baaton ki...

Kai din, mahine beet gaye..
use bematlab jab kaha jaata, toh bura lagta tha..

safai karne ke liye phir aaj wo potli maine nikali
mere chehre pe ek pal ke liye muskaan aayi
par dusre hi pal, mujhe wo bewajah si lagi

hairani ki baat hai
wo potli mere ghar ke bahar hai..
main hi rakh ke aayi wo..

Mann mein ajeeb sa hua use bahar nikalte waqt
Par, ab khud ko laga, bematlab ki hai wo..

Kai cheezon se mann achanak hi kat gaya..
aur laga, kisi se judne ya alag hone mein bohot waqt nai lagta.. ek pal hi kaafi hota hai..

kyun sochun main ki tum theek ho ya nai
jab tumne mujhse wo sawaal sirf ek baat karne ke tareeke ki tarah poocha

kyun bhejun main tumhe kuchh kuchh likh ke
jab tumhara un par kabhi jawaab hi nai aaya

tumhari kai baaton se dheere dheere mann alag hota gaya

agli baar jab tum mujhe tumhare liye kuchh mann se karte nai dekho
toh mujhse mat poochna "kyun"
khud se sawaal karna, ki mujh mein ye badlaav kyun aaya..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It was something more… that mattered!!!

It took Anisha around 3 seconds to say, “Aprajita!! It’s a YES from Ulka”
It took Sujith Sir approx. 5 seconds to say, “Come on the 9th and we will discuss about your project then…”
Those seconds held a lot of importance in my life… It mattered!
But a lot others things mattered as well…

To start with,
a 3hr flight to Delhi – It mattered because that was the first time I travelled alone!
90 minutes in metro – It mattered.. I mean how else would I have reached office daily? :P
3 weeks (after 4th June) – It mattered because I stayed without maa/didi for the first time!
7 weeks of internship at ulka – It mattered..
I started thinking more about how things in life are..
It was during this time that I felt what hostelites mean when they say, “Ghar ke khane ki yaad aa rahi..”
These were the days when I realized how difficult it is to stay away from MY home
These were the days when I badly missed a cup of tea in the morning…

It mattered because I got to learn a lot more about advertising and planning
And these were the days when I realized how wrong people are when they say this industry is bad…..

It mattered because I met a few people who made a big difference to my life…
And because of them only, I had full masti as well…
It mattered because every day, I learnt something more…
These were the days which forced me to know more about myself..
It mattered because
I understood how it feels to get words of appreciation from your Boss and other seniors
It mattered because I proudly gave my first earning to maa…

It mattered because I have come back home with a bag full of experiences, learning, 
the books, reading material and scrapbooks ofcourse! :P 
and beautiful memories which I will remember throughout my life ... :) 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Life kya hai...

Life kya hai?

Chhote chhote pal
Jinme hum khushi dhundte hain
Kabhi thokar toh
kabhi sawaal bhi paate hain

Kabhi maa ki daant padti
Toh kabhi full on masti…

Kabhi we have hundreds of answers
Toh kabhi sirf problems…

Kabhi lagta we have the power to face the world
Toh kabhi bas ek halki si hichkichahat

Itna sochna kyun, Just Let Go…
Kyunki Life yahi toh hai…

(**concept written for 'live high on life' for pleasure** - just another stage in the planning process)

I am...

I am young
yet can’t lead a carefree life...

I have so many dreams
yet have equal number of responsibilities...

I am trendy
yet traditional in my own sense...

I am outgoing
yet have some values set for myself...

I am confident
yet questioned at every step...

I am successful and an achiever
yet face the gender-bias problem...

I am unique in my own way
yet perceived as just another You!

I am Young
I “wish to”
define the rules myself

(**profile of the TG written for Pleasure**)