Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It was something more… that mattered!!!

It took Anisha around 3 seconds to say, “Aprajita!! It’s a YES from Ulka”
It took Sujith Sir approx. 5 seconds to say, “Come on the 9th and we will discuss about your project then…”
Those seconds held a lot of importance in my life… It mattered!
But a lot others things mattered as well…

To start with,
a 3hr flight to Delhi – It mattered because that was the first time I travelled alone!
90 minutes in metro – It mattered.. I mean how else would I have reached office daily? :P
3 weeks (after 4th June) – It mattered because I stayed without maa/didi for the first time!
7 weeks of internship at ulka – It mattered..
I started thinking more about how things in life are..
It was during this time that I felt what hostelites mean when they say, “Ghar ke khane ki yaad aa rahi..”
These were the days when I realized how difficult it is to stay away from MY home
These were the days when I badly missed a cup of tea in the morning…

It mattered because I got to learn a lot more about advertising and planning
And these were the days when I realized how wrong people are when they say this industry is bad…..

It mattered because I met a few people who made a big difference to my life…
And because of them only, I had full masti as well…
It mattered because every day, I learnt something more…
These were the days which forced me to know more about myself..
It mattered because
I understood how it feels to get words of appreciation from your Boss and other seniors
It mattered because I proudly gave my first earning to maa…

It mattered because I have come back home with a bag full of experiences, learning, 
the books, reading material and scrapbooks ofcourse! :P 
and beautiful memories which I will remember throughout my life ... :) 

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