Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Towards maturity

My amma used to say, "kisi ke ghar mein shaitani nai karni chahiye.. thoda mature ho beta.."
My maa used to tell me, "kisi chhoti cheez ke liye zidd nai karni chahiye.. thoda mature bano.."
My bro said, "game mein haar ke aise sad nai hona chahiye.. mature ho.."
My sister used to say, "it's high time tum mature bano.. manage karna seekho padhai aur games ko.."

And I became mature..
O wait! I guess I didn't..
coz' even after doing all what my family said, people still say - "You should be mature.."

Now, What exactly is maturity?
Is it doing all what my family said?
Does maturity mean to be think about your loved ones first and then think about yourself?
Is it setting your priorities right in the beginning?
or Does it mean not to comment on others because basically you don't have the right to do so?

Naah, its not..
Maturity is -
deciding things on your own just because you are or think that you're "grown up".
It is giving one's own set of definitions of what's a joke and what's not.. 
It is to know "kiske saath kaam niklega"
and talking politely and sweetly to even the most ridiculous people on this earth..
It is to change your priorities in due course of time
It is to 'ignore' things, or even 'ignore' people for that matter..
It means not to cry even if you lose something what really matters to you
It means to comment on people every now and then..

Earlier I thought "this is not maturity.. poeple who think this way are immature.."

But I was wrong..
Maturity DOES mean to wear faces..
Well, Now that I know and also, that am finally an adult :p
it's high time I become mature..

Thanks to all the "mature" people for teaching me this lesson.. :) It will take me ages to be a "mature" person like 'THEM' but This is just the first step..
just thought to write an acknowledgment note.. ;)

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